About vancouverrocknroll.com

Before becoming a concert promoter, I ‘learned the ropes’ by promoting community dances across Greater Vancouver and Vancouver Island starting in 1969. From there, and with some of those same acts, I started to do small regional tours across BC and Alberta.

For the majority of the shows I did, I kept a few posters printed from those dates. With only two exceptions, what’s listed for sale here are mint condition original posters from those print runs back in the late ’60s and early ’70s. The couple of possible reprints (as noted) were purchased years ago from swap meets and so their origin is uncertain. The only exceptions are two in the Psychedelic Section (where noted). The posters in the Psychedelic section were mostly printed on textured heavy poster stock until that paper stock was no longer available; they were subsequently printed on heavy poster stock.

The posters in the Concerts and Dances section were printed on 67lb stock in various colours.

Please make sure you visit my Facebook site – Vancouver Rock Groups from the ’60’s to the 80’s – where I post some rare pictures and share a few stories from “the road”. And check back here weekly for other items from “back then” added to this website. Stacks of posters aren’t the only memorabilia that I have in my rock ’n’ roll archives!